Starting a Signal Providing Business - Pt.4: Sending your signals to clients from different platforms

Explain the different steps in sharing the signals, including copying the charts on TradingView and writing the content, posting on your website and using Telegram to inform the client, sharing profits... It's a lengthy process.So, how to consolidate this process? => Use Tik Tik framework.

Posted by Admin on July 8, 2020

You have gone through a long preparation time to really get into the main mission of your business – Sending trading signals to your followers. As a skillful and experienced trader, this would be the work that you are most confident about compared to other technical setups such as building and maintaining websites, implementing online marketing strategies, setting up payment gateways, etc. Please be careful! When you are overly confident, you are more likely to miss warning signs. The importance is that every mistake that you might make while performing this step will harm your business as well as your personal brand in the financial industry. The story of being an individual signal provider is completely different from starting a professional advisory business. What are those differences? How to “properly” send trading signals to a list of customers from various platforms?


You should first look at how a signal providing business will change the “life of work” of an individual trader. Setting up a professional advisory business is not a rocket-science but there are many things you have to take care of to operate it properly.

Trading signal provider vs Trading signal providing business

On one hand, as a trading signal provider, you perform your daily tasks with a bit of “freedom” in mind. Every day, you update and study the financial markets to do fundamental and technical analysis; then, you draw different charts to illustrate your trading strategies and finally send the signals to your followers. Providing trading signals is your “sideline”. You are sharing your trading experiences and strategies to other traders to receive some extra income along with your main job as a professional trader.

On the other hand, as a business owner, you are highly responsible for your asset as well as your customers’ asset. Every trading signal that you deliver is part of your short-term and long-term business growth. Your daily workload must follow a disciplinary process before delivering any trading signals to customers. A consistent quality of trading signals is the best way to gain clients’ trust and to build a positive personal brand. The “quality” here does not mean a guarantee of winning 100% trades but you should always include certain information about your trading decision to make your followers feel safe about their investments.


You know how significant is the delivery of your trading signal to the development of your business. Right now, you are h2ly advised to create a standard procedure of writing and sending trading signals.

Guide to write and sending trading signals

As you may know, there are 2 types of trading signals: manual vs automated. No one is better than another. Both are working based on human inputs, but the automated trading signal has reduced the effects of human emotions, which are mostly fear and greed. In one word, you have to try to understand fear, overcome greed and exercise discipline while doing this step.

1/ Steps to write a good trading signal

  • Update and study all news affecting financial markets.
  • Generate technical and fundamental analysis based on market actions.
  • Draw visual charts illustrating the trend to publish on your communication channels
  • Write trading signals including Currency pair, Trading position (Sell or Buy), Stop loss, Take profit, Time frame. Besides, you can be more transparent to your followers by explaining whether the signal is generated manually, automatically or mixed.

2/ Ways to send trading signals to clients

Distribute your trading signals to your subscribers via:

  • Telegram: this is currently the most used channel to deliver your signals as it is the most secured channel and the most accepted channel worldwide.
  • Email: this is the second most preferred channel as many traders would like to read the full description of a trading signal before deciding to copy it. Email allows signal providers to add their explanations.
  • Text SMS/Call: this channel is mainly useful in case you have trouble with internet connection but still have to send your signals in a timely manner. Of course, this is a bit more costly and time-consuming. One more issue is that the SMS can only contain basic information of a signal (currency pair, stop loss, take profit).

In fact, there are many minor steps to perform before you can deliver your trading signals to your customers while financial markets are always changing. The key point is to grab every single chance to earn profit; thus, you have no excuse not to try Tik Tik Framework.


Tik Tik Framework is able to shorten your path to distribute trading signals to your valued customers. More specifically, you only need to subscribe to Tik Tik Framework, then, set up your profile, payment gateways as well as your customer base. Every time you open a trade via Tik Tik Framework, it will automatically generate market analysis, draw visual charts and distribute the trading signal to your customers from different platforms.