How to be a legit Signal Provider that attracts followers

There are thousands of Signal Providers online. How to make yourself look legit and attract customers? - Be consistent - Build a good online presence - Attach yourself with legit platforms - ...

Starting a Signal Providing Business - Pt.1: The basic tools & platforms you'll need.

List out the tools & platforms they need e.g. TradingView, Telegram, a payment gateway (Paypal), a verified website, a Social Marketer, an experienced Market Analyst...

Starting a Signal Providing Business - Pt.2: Setting up & maintaning a pro website.

Explain the different tools (Wordpress, Wix, ImCreator...) and steps to build a professional website, how to maintain it (SEO), how to advertise it? => The alternative is to use a platform like Tik Tik that does almost everything for you, including creating & sending signals, centralizing your client accounts...

Starting a Signal Providing Business - Pt.3: Choosing the right payment method

List out the different payment methods with their pros & cons, including: - Bank transfer - Digital wallets - Credit/debit card - Crypto currency

Starting a Signal Providing Business - Pt.4: Sending your signals to clients from different platforms

Explain the different steps in sharing the signals, including copying the charts on TradingView and writing the content, posting on your website and using Telegram to inform the client, sharing profits... It's a lengthy process.So, how to consolidate this process? => Use Tik Tik framework.